Tuesday, September 8, 2009


With all that Real Estate contact last weekend I didn't think I'd be seeing/hearing from the dudes for a bit, at least til their LP dropped, but to my surprise the suggestion from Gabriel (good budbud/fellow WMUA DJ) to get the band down to the WMUA studio for a live set actually went down. This was rather unplanned, as we just kind of mentioned it to the guys a couple days before Saturday, but 3/4 of Real Estate (Bleeker bounced to alma mater Bennington a bit early) invaded the UMass Campus Center for a 26-minute set of eight songs, including three Ducktails jams ("Backyard" + "Pizza Time" + "House of Mirrors") and that woodsy new track they've been playing, "Younger Than Yesterday."

The set is really great, its simplicity noted by Gabe for its use of "a borrowed guitar" and "only an armload of drums," not to speak of the missing bassist. A man-down rhythm section is hardly a bad thing, as the songs flow free n easy, Martin and Matt's guitars dueling in the sweetest of fashions, like breezy birdsongs or babely surfer girls or sandy beach hair, whatever summery metaphor you like. I especially dig the "Pizza Time" jam, one I don't think I've ever heard live before, and the slightly less raucous version of "Green River," which doesn't mind at all being played a step slower than its usual rowdy rollick.

In fact, it's all good so yourself a favor and head over to WMUA and download/stream the podcast in its entirety:

Real Estate - Live on WMUA

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