Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It's been a few months since Volume 2, which seemed to go over pretty well. Here's the freshly completed Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 3, the Winter 2010 installment of the Friendship Bracelet-curated quarterly compilation series which started last July, meaning Volume 4 will roll around in April and so on. I'd like to thank all the dudes and bands who were kind enough to get me music for you all to hear.

I would also like to mention that this is, as always, a free download. Very soon I will have available a Paypal link where you can win yourself a CDR (a.k.a. donating) something like $5. Sample image of the disc in a day or two. This money will be used entirely for future Friendship Bracelet endeavors, not on beer and chips.



1. Pink Priest - Sweet Blood. Volume 3 opens with swells from Pink Priest a.k.a. William Cody Watson taken from the 20+ minute piece I Want To Stand Next To You At The End Of The World. Sneak peek status. Check out the whole thing HERE.

2. Speculator - Share. Another brilliant and hazy pop gem from Nick, salt-sweet air from an open window wafting in. Don't worry, Summer is only like 2 seasons away. Watch out for this split he's doing with Luke Perry, out now on Wet Merchants. Act fast - THERE ARE ONLY 15 LEFT.

3. Fluker Love - Soaked. I dig all this swirling sex-pulse stuff coming outa this guy. Again, "like if Loveless was made for £1.50." Check out his blog and check out the entire Fluker Love self-titled full-length by clicking through his Myspace.

4. Family Portrait - It Turns. Brand new track from Underwater Peoples' house band is sounding better and better by the minute. Just wait til they're all back in the U.S.

5. How To Dress Well & cokc dokc - Lover's Start (Desert Voyage). A sensual strut through R&B hiss and echoed harmonies. If you haven't checked out the 3" CDRs these guys have been busting out, you should. The fifth in the series of five drops soon, later to be reissued in a sort of box set.

6. Boneless - Hymn. Sparkling dawnbreak sounds from Nevada. Be sure to keep posted about the Boneless tape out on Leftist Nautical Antiques/Friendship Bracelet sometime in the next month..

7. Tall Boys - Miami. I mentioned this track last week, praising it for sounding so pleasant and sunny even though it's the end of January. Tall Boys is Kenny from Byrds of Paradise and Dylan from Mount McKinley, just a couple "BROES TAKING A BREAK FROM LAX TO DRINK BEERS AND JAM."

8. Cool World - Sun Roof Top. Nick and Sean came all the way from Providence to play the first Friendship Bracelet Presents show last month, which is way cool in my book. Dudes have a full-length out sometime this year on DŒS ARE, which will also be way cool.

9. Coasting - Hots For Teacher.

"I wanna tell you that I like you"

10. Total Slacker - Stuck In 93. Two dudes plus one dudette make lazy pop music about tacos, burritos, Pepsi.

"Watching Full House, playing SEGA on the Slip 'n Slide"

You know.

11. More Bikini Babes - Took My Shoes Off. The last compilation gave you "Fishing With My Dad." Here's an instrumental jam to whet the whistle until he done recordin the full-length.

"shreddin on riffs, Superstar from brooklyn. Currently recording it."

12. High Wolf - Friendship. Pretty consistent with all the talk about "plantain based smoke-magic" and "Sun-traveller vibes" and "tripped out, swelter-zone equatorial electronics." This was an outtake from the songs that went into the Incapulco CDR. Stay tuned for much more High Wolf, including a split 12" with FBC vets Forest Swords on Group Tightener (what a perfect pairing), a High Wolf LP on Not Not Fun and a tape on Krayon.

13. Jeans Wilder - By Midnight. Jeans took an FBC vacation on Volume 2, but he back this time with a cavernous burner suitable for some cryptic meeting in a foggy graveyard to exchange some sacred items necessary for a particular occult ritual, trudging through dew and dirt and headstones. Tons of new material coming our way including two 7"s, two cassettes and two splits. Check the Myspace for more details.

14. Truman Peyote - Anotherother. A couple months ago, Caleb from Truman Peyote came to WMUA studios with Orion from Lord Jeff and banged out four live songs in our studio. One of them was called "Anotherother," which eventually ended up on their Peaced Together split 12" with Many Mansions as "Magentadoor II." This version of the song sees a wild, crashing climax exclusively for WMUA and FB.US.

15. Buon Giorno Luamada - Shoni. Igor got me this track a bit ago, lots of beautiful sampled confusion and space zones. He is a cinema student from Rio de Janeiro. His album is available from Perdizes Dream.



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