Saturday, February 13, 2010


do while is another project on Wigflip Records, home to Happy Family, Run DMT, inflatable mattress, The Treehouse and many more.

On many of these Wigflip releases so far we see a tendency towards gauzy atmospherics in addition to nodding rhythms, zoning in from time to time on an actual groove which never seems to last very long. This isn't a particularly bad thing, though in the few do while tracks I've heard off their upcoming self-titled album I have heard no circular Run DMT visions, no stuttered inflatable mattress beats or syncopated Happy Family layers.

Rather, do while perches itself atop a blinking buoy just barely visible from shore, bobbing and drifting on waves washed up by huge Royal Carribean party vessels. They could easily take flight and scout out the cruise, play some shuffleboard while sipping tropical cocktails out of coconuts, but they remain on that buoy in an equatorial forever-dawn. Put yourself in this place and check out some selections from do while, out sometime this Spring.

do while - balloon clouds

do while - a candy coated slow down

(image via FAT DUDES)

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